Čo robíme?

Est modus in rebus, sunt certi denique fines.

1. Execution of shareholders rights

Being a holding company means at first place to operate in companies mainly as control and strategic decision maker. Number of subsidiaries in our portfolio usually fluctuates between 15-20 on average.

2. Investments

Investment is a high priority activity of the Inceptio Holding. Diversification of investment is a must, so we select our investments from various industries, geographical regions and risk categories. Most of our investment transactions are realized through our private equities through investment funds. We also carry out tenancy and trading of securities.

3. Development

This section focuses mainly on households’ management and retail projects in bigger cities which bear the right price/value ratio.

4. Support of startup capital

We support innovative ideas and high value-added projects without industry or geographical boundaries – fully respecting essential criteria such as legal, ethics, global potential, economic growth and „mass market“ orientation.

5. Maintenance, buy and sell of real-estate

In this section are primarily real-estate assets which belong to Inceptio for the 3rd party rentals. Rentals combined with value added services keeps investment ratio well balanced according to reasonable risk diversification of the Inceptio group assets.

6. Development of business relationships with emerging countries, humanitarian missions

During realization of this kind of projects in emerging countries we focus not only on profitability, but also on societal impact. Our goal is to support specific long-run projects and selected non-governmental organizations.

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