A?A�m sa zaoberA?me

Est modus in rebus, sunt certi denique fines.

1. VA?kon akcionA?rskych prA?v

KedA?e sme holdingovA? spoloA?nosA?, do nA?A?ho portfA?lia patria vlastnA�cke podiely vA�spoloA?nostiach, vA�ktorA?ch realizujeme predovA?etkA?m kontrolnA� A?innosti aA�podieA?ame sa na ich strategickom smerovanA�.

2. InvestiA?nA? A?innosA?

VA�rA?mci skupiny Inceptio patrA� tA?to oblasA? medzi najvA?znamnejA?ie. InvestA�cie diverzifikujeme podA?a ich odvetvA�, rizikovosti, ale aj geograficky. VA�A?A?inu investA�ciA� realizujeme prostrednA�ctvom naA?ich private equity investiA?nA?ch fondov. VA?znamnA? mnoA?inu vA�tejto skupine tvorA� drA?ba aA�obchodovanie sA�cennA?mi papiermi.

3. Development a sprA?va nehnuteA?nostA�

VA�tejto A?innosti sa zameriavame predovA?etkA?m na bytovA� domy aA�retailovA� projekty vo Buy vA�A?A?A�ch mestA?ch, ktorA� prinA?A?ajA? koncovA?m uA?A�vateA?om sprA?vny pomer ceny aA�A?A?itkovej hodnoty.

4. Podpora mladA?ch zaA?A�najA?cich podnikateA?ov (Start up)

Podporujeme inovatA�vne myA?lienky sA�vysokou pridanou hodnotou bez ohA?adu na odvetvie alebo geografickA� hranice, avA?ak pri dodrA?anA� zA?kladnA?ch kritA�riA�, akA?mi sA? zA?konnosA?, etickosA?, potenciA?l globA?lneho ekonomickA�ho rastu a orientA?cia na a�zmass marketa�?.

5. SprA?va, kA?pa a predaj hnuteA?nA�ho a nehnuteA?nA�ho majetku

Do tejto oblasti patria predovA?etkA?m nehnuteA?nosti, ktorA� patria spoloA?nostiam vA�skupine Inceptio a primA?rne sa vyuA?A�vajA? s cieA?om prenA?jmu tretA�m stranA?m. Spolu sA�poskytovanA�m sA?visiacich sluA?ieb nA?m pomA?hajA? udrA?iavaA? optimA?lne a diverzifikovanA� portfA?lio majetku skupiny Inceptio.

6. RozvA�janie obchodnA?ch vzA?ahov s rozvojovA?mi krajinami, humanitnA? A?innosA?

Pri realizA?cii projektov vA�rozvojovA?ch krajinA?ch kladieme dA?raz nielen na ich profitabilitu, ale dbA?me predovA?etkA?m na ich celospoloA?enskA? vplyv aA�humanitnA? strA?nku. Dlhodobo podporujeme vybranA� charitatA�vne organizA?cie, konkrA�tne projekty.

Rome.), I was ready to explore the city. Word of advice, LA is sprawling, so plan to hire a car or use taxis to get the most out of your stay. The trick is to plan your day, decide on the area you wish to visit and stick to cheap gucci belts Pills that part of town. Bikes and Hikes offers a 2.5 hour hike up the hills, past the Griffith Observatory up to the summit of Mount Hollywood. The climb is easy to moderate but with the sun bearing down it can be thirsty work, so take plenty of water. The tour takes you to a vista discount michael kors overlooking the iconic Hollywood sign, where you can strike a pose in front of it. The hike is great fun and a perfect outing for the whole family. And from the very top you can see all of LA, from downtown skyscrapers to Beverly Hills and beyond. After that hike you’ll have earned a visit to Pressed Juicery, a favourite local cheap michael kors chain with celebs. In need of an energy boost, I opted for a Citrus 4, a delicious combination of cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut water and aloe vera for 3.70. Of course, LA is the land of the
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D Generation X and the nWo now surrounding the ring, Sting and Triple H http://www.wilsonandwhite.cz/?p=9287 worked a bat vs. sledgehammer angle where Sting split the sledgehammer, but Triple H used the top of it to deck Sting for the pin and Triple H victory. Afterward with D Generation X and the nWo in the ring, Triple H and Sting shook hands. WrestleMania moment for former WCW referee Charles Robinson, who worked the http://pennyspennies.blogs.iva.co.uk/ Sting/Triple H match. In a battle of dueling headbutts atop the ladder, Daniel Bryan finished just a little bit ahead and shoulders above Dolph http://www.deoplossing.sr/wp/cheap-jerseys-nhl-jerseys-free-shipping-2ws96-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ Ziggler to capture the Intercontinetal title in http://www.edrants.com/ an action packed opening match. Credit to Bad News Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Stardust, Luke Harper, R Truth, Ziggler and Bryan for their all out efforts. What a way to jumpstart http://www.bobandjo.gen.nz/wordpress/2015/09/16/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-jerseys-from-china-free-3tu137-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ WrestleMania http://www.chatdd.com/blog/ 31. Seeing lots of red http://18plus.am/ in Stardust’s elaborate ring attire. Stardust http://coolgoods.ca/blog/cheap-jerseys-cheap-jerseys-china-free-shipping-8zt14-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ grabbed his own glittery http://globalreview101.com/ ladder from under http://www.net-book.it/?p=643 the ring. WrestleMania
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that, everything would work out for the best. When he became CEO, the top 10 executives in the 70,000 employee company all http://automotormusic.com/mp3-player/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-jerseys-from-china-free-6ze734-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ stayed on although over time, some left for other positions. Chenault described his leadership style as both simple and complex. The simple part, he said, is that http://www.ihris.org/ he feels he has kept his integrity, that he has never tried to fool anyone and that he has been consistent in his goals: to serve that traditional triumvirate of customers, employees and shareholders. http://www.ryanbresnahan.org/?p=2466 Chenault oversaw a restructuring of American Express business in 1995 as http://arm.by/imacros/cheap-jerseys-cheap-nfl-jerseys-free-shipping-4hh19-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ vice http://m12imam.ir/12imam/?p=8134 chairman. When it became clear he would http://dailyfig.figment.com/ have to eliminate nearly 16,000 jobs, he said decided to tell http://graysonsc.blogs.iva.co.uk/ cheap voltaren xr medication people up to 18 months before their actual departure date so that they would have time to adjust to the layoffs. do what you can to be compassionate, even when the news is bad, Chenault said, which leads to another of his leadership principles that the leader himself has to be a team
Blue Line stop at Belmont. She started working at the CTA in April 2013 and was qualified to operate trains in http://www.enlanada.com/?p=495 January 2014, officials said. According to the documents released Thursday, Haywood testified that she was http://crossfitgto.com/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-jerseys-free-8tc736-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ “aware” at the Rosemont station, which is http://uniquevideos.net/people/cheap-jerseys-nhl-jerseys-free-shipping-6yp86-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ about five minutes away from http://www.activeaims.co.uk/ O’Hare. However, the transcript reads, she said the heat on the train began to make her “hot and tired.” “The only thing was http://forexwinners.net/ the heat. I kept turning the heat off at Harlem because that became you know a distraction to http://www.asaustin.org/ me . I believe it took a toll on my body as far as making me tired. So I did turn the heat off at http://www.inceptionideas.net/?p=171 Harlem.” Haywood worked as http://www.libertytheatre.com.au/2015/09/16/cheap-jerseys-cheap-jerseys-free-3ju624-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ a fill in employee, http://www.advanced-couplings.co.uk/ and her hours were irregular, according to the newly released documents. “My body has to adapt cheap nfl jerseys to staying up all throughout the night, you know, http://nacs-catalanstudies.org/?p=1560 Pills adjust http://traumainstitute.com.au/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-nfl-jerseys-free-shipping-5ya88-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ to the schedule. But it’s mainly just doing those trips back and forth, and once http://ktee.com.au/2015/09/15/cheap-jerseys-wholesale-jerseys-free-shipping-2ur13-wholesale-jerseys-from-china/ you get to the last one, you know,
your cheap oakleys local council in some cases. You may qualify for the Scottish Government Small Business Bonus Scheme if the combined rateable value of all your premises is less than If cheap replica ray ban the rateable value of an individual property is less wholesale oakleys than you may not have to pay any business rates at all. If you think you may be entitled replica oakleys to any type of relief, you should contact your local council. You can use our business rates calculator to estimate your business rates bill. Each year the amount you pay in business rates may be increased by inflation. You should factor this into your on going business costs. If you think the current rateable value for a property you have recently acquired is wrong, you can ask the assessor to check the details you think are wrong or, in certain circumstances, appeal your rates if you can agree. There is no fee for lodging business rates appeals, but you must fake oakleys Sunglasses continue to pay your rates during the appeal. You can submit a business rates appeal wholesale discount oakleys online, or you can appeal by writing to, or emailing, your
Perth. They won’t put AFL live into Sydney on a Friday because it doesn’t rate there. Hard to know what they’ll do in Brisbane. Then they’ll let Ten take the ratings on Saturday night better than letting Nine win. Then Seven will have Sunday afternoon matches, leading very nicely into the 6pm news when the ratings battle for the week begins. This is a business decision for Seven. It’s all about strategy. It has nothing to do with giving the viewing public what they want matches on free to air cheap fake ray ban sales television. You also have to question why Seven sent its Melbourne Station Manager to today’s broadcast schedule announcement and why was it hosted by the AFL? The other tv networks sent Chief Executives. Seven’s representation would be like the Prime Minister sending a Parliamentary Secretary to a major announcement. You’d think Seven would be wanting to scream cheap ray ban outlet its schedule discount oakleys Sunglasses from the rooftops. Instead, Ian Johnston managed to utter just a few words and looked less than happy about being cheap oakleys Sunglasses there. Don’t be fooled by the spin
to get out of it, even if you have a doctor’s certification that you shouldn’t be on the road. “There is no such thing as a medical exit when it comes to a lease,” said Rob Gentile, manager of new and used car services for Consumer’s Union, the publishers of Consumers Reports. Just ask Tobey Fruchtbaum. The 88 year old Hallandale woman decided last year to lease a Corolla from a local Toyota dealer because she didn’t want to take money out of her savings to buy one. A few months ago, her doctor told her that because of her eyesight and diminished reaction time, she shouldn’t drive any more. She decided to turn in her license and her car after one year of her five year lease. The dealer, however, refused to break the contract and didn’t capitulate to either her son or her attorney. Fruchtbaum said she was told she could either buy the car for $18,000, or pay $17,000 and return the car. She’s thinking about getting someone to pick up the lease, a third option allowed under some contracts, but doesn’t have
some highlights of this year’s Louisiana Craft Brewers Week. For Cheap Jerseys Wholesale complete details and listings of events, check out the Facebook pages and websites for local breweries and the city’s top beer bars, starting with those in our annual Bar Guide. Saturday, Sept. at World of Beer Warehouse District, 300 Julia St., New Orleans. on the Infusion Tower with bourbon soaked oak chips. at World of Beer Warehouse District, 300 Julia St., cheap michael kors New Orleans. Baton Rouge based Tin Roof Brewing kicks off the week at World of Beer. at The Bulldog Mid City, 5135 Canal Blvd., New Orleans. Tin Roof hits The Bulldog with pours of its new IPA and game day swag. at Avenue Pub, 1732 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. Avenue Pub starts the week off by spotlighting special beers by discount jerseys sale Arnaudville, La. based Bayou Teche Brewing, including Miel Sauvage 2015, Knotts Berry Beer (a cheap oakleys blackberry ale aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels), Strawberry Hop Alarm and others. Courtyard Brewery, 1020 Erato St., New Orleans. Courtyard Brewery and District Donuts Sliders


Virgin Mary. “It’s not as defined as that one,” he said. “It looks a little bit like Sasquatch,” piped up Ruth Johnson from the receptionist desk. James Bauman Jr., who was getting an oil change, described it as “Christ in a Jedi outfit,” then as a “Persian king.” He then said there was probably significance in the stain, just as there is in Barack Obama being president and Israel’s conflict with Hamas. “I believe the Rapture is just around cheap michael kors handbags the corner,” he said. Johnson studied the stain a bit more and said it looked like a caveman. “We did say at one time it looked like Jesus,” she said. Darryl Collins, who occupies the office with the stained door, said Davis had pointed the stain out to him but he didn’t really think much of it. “I guess everybody has their own outlook on it,” said Collins, 42. “It depends on what religion you’re from.” Collins, who was raised a Baptist, said he’s “not real big” on religion but called
are very, very good. Defensively, they’re coming into their own. We obviously needed to generate some points. Had one touchdown called back. And in the second half, we were pretty ineffective. That falls on me and our coaches on offense. Our kids jerseys outlet fought. Our defense gave us a chance to win the game or to be in the game. We could not manage any points.”On bringing back his kicker after delay of game penalty: “After the penalty, which I’m going to have to watch the film, they stood over the ball and I thought they had 12 men on the field for a long time. Then we get the penalty, which pushed it back to a 48 yarder from the right hash, which is not his favorite deal. There were nine seconds on the clock. Thought we could sprint out and either take the flat throw right there or throw it out of bounds. Worse case we’re still at the same cheap jerseys point. Trying to get it to the left hash or left middle. We didn’t get it done there.”Should Bo have made a different decision the final Ole Miss offensive play: “I

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