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Social Statistics Demography PG Cert/PG Dip/MSc Official Statistics The MSc programme has been developed jointly by the University of Southampton and the UK Government Statistical Service (GSS) to cover the core skills and knowledge needed by professional government statisticians. Both the GSS Human Resource Committee and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Human Resource Committee have given their full backing and support for the programme. Many of the skills taught on the programme, such as survey methods and data analysis, are also in great demand by employers outside government and the programme provides relevant training for professional positions in a wide range of organisations conducting large scale statistical work.To ApplyYou should apply using the University’s online application form.It is expected that most registrations will commence at the beginning of the academic year; in this case, applications will normally be submitted by the end of August. Applications to commence

to educate politicians and bureaucrats so they understand the power that microfinance has and understand how it works to actually help the poor. The poor certainly understand this, our customers do. They come back to us year after year. It the political elite that doesn understand it and sometimes misuses microfinance for political ends. That been the biggest challenge. Akula: Currently we have two million customers spread across 25,000 villages in 15 states of India. The typical borrower, typical first loan is about 8,000 rupees or about $200. A woman might
Wholesale NFL jerseys take a loan to buy a cow, and then sell the milk, and then repay the
Cheap NFL jerseys loan on a weekly basis. She might do a small village grocery; she might do vegetable vending or another type of trading activity. What we see is there a very high return on investment, and each year she eligible to take a larger loan. So even though $200 might seem relatively small, eventually we like to see borrowers moving into $1,000 loans. Then you begin to see

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Articles Connexes:


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