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the Redskins not only have a quarterback in Griffin III who can make plays with his legs and arms, they finally have a signal caller who can simply get away and not get injured. Transitioning from college to the NFL is always a major adjustment, regardless of how talented a player, especially a quarterback, is. "There is going to be a big adjustment because they did a good job of spreading their offense out and running the option," said Shanahan. "If we did that in pro football all the time, the chances are you wouldn’t
Wholesale jerseys survive very long. These guys are big and they’re fast and they hit pretty hard. "But there’s a lot of things we can implement into our offense that we weren’t able to before," he continued. "You try to take a look at somebody’s talents and utilize them
Wholesale jerseys to the fullest without trying to get your quarterback hurt at the same time. So there’s a little give and take there, but he gives us a lot of opportunities to do things that you’d like to do

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