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institute’s director, other distinguished chairs and 10 O’Donnell graduate research fellowships, as well as endowing a research and program fund. "UT Dallas excels in science and engineering. The moment is right to build a program of the same quality and rigor in art history," O’Donnell said. "There is a natural affinity between science
Cheap jerseys and the arts. UT Dallas founders Erik Jonsson, Eugene McDermott and Cecil Green actively supported the arts. Now I look forward to seeing what the future holds for art history, UTD style." "We are very excited by the opportunity to develop a deep and textured partnership with The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History and its director, Dr. Rick Brettell," said Dr. Maxwell L. Anderson, the Eugene McDermott director of the Dallas Museum of Art. The institute will also work with The Institute of Fine Arts in New York, The Courtauld Institute of Art History in London, The Zentralinstitut fur Kunstgeschichte in Munich, the J. Something people don’t know

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